How It Works

Dentlot scan bodies are designed to fit most implant systems on the market. This includes direct-to-fixture outputting for interfaces or for use with pre-milled abutments or titanium bases. What’s more, libraries are available for Exocad and 3Shape design systems, making it easier than ever to integrate these scan bodies into your workflow.

The Benefits of Dentlot Implant Scan Bodies

Using a Dentlot implant scan body offers several important benefits that can help improve accuracy and efficiency in implant dentistry. These include:

• Reduced Glare – The etching on the scan body helps to reduce glare during the scanning process, leading to increased accuracy in the final results.
• Improved Identification – Having laser-etched branding and platform information makes it easier to identify which implant system you are dealing with at a glance.
• Streamlined Workflow – By having all the necessary libraries available for Exocad and 3Shape design systems, you can quickly integrate Dentlot scan bodies into your existing workflow without any additional effort or training.
• Cost Savings – Using Dentlot scan bodies can save you time and money by reducing errors while improving accuracy and efficiency in your workflow.      

All in all, Dentlot implant scan bodies offer numerous advantages over traditional methods of scanning implants due to their reduced glare, improved identification capabilities, streamlined workflow integration, and cost savings potential. If you’re looking for an easy way to increase accuracy and efficiency in your implant dentistry practice, then using a Dentlot implant scan body is definitely worth considering!

Michael Vinnik