Strength and Stability
Our Titanium bases offer superior strength and stability due to their unique design. The 6mm height provides an extra layer of support for single unit restorations or bridges without sacrificing aesthetics. Furthermore, the anti-rotational flat side ensures greater retention and cementation for added peace of mind.

Compatibility with Major Implant Systems

The most impressive feature about our Ti Bases is their compatibility with major implant systems like Zimmer, Nobel, Straumann Hiossen, Bonafix Biomet and more. This means that dentists can use our Ti Bases with confidence—knowing they’re compatible with any system they choose to use. Furthermore, our Ti Bases work effortlessly with 3Shape & Exocad CAD/CAM libraries so that dentists can customize the size of their restoration if clearance is ever an issue.

Ease of Use
Finally, our Ti Bases are incredibly easy to use which makes them ideal for even novice dentists or technicians who may not have experience working with dental implants yet. Thanks to its simple instructions and straightforward design instructions included in each package – anyone can get started on their own restoration projects quickly! Plus if you ever need help – our friendly customer service team is always here to assist you every step of the way!

From superior strength & stability to compatibility with major implant systems as well as ease-of-use—Dentlot's Titanium Bases are truly amazing products that make restorative dentistry easier than ever before! Whether you're a dentist interested in using these bases for single units or bridges or a dental technician looking for the perfect material for your next project—Dentlot's Titanium Bases are sure to meet all your needs! Contact us today for more information about how Dentlot's TI Bases can benefit your practice!

Michael Vinnik