Implant Wrench

SKU: 25.028

Dental Implant Ratchet Wrench 6.35mm Hex

  • Premium Quality 
  • Made in the USA
  • 6.35mm Hex
  • Compatible with:  Nobel Biocare® and many other systems


The wrenches are not sterilized prior to shipping.

They must be cleaned, disinfected and sterilized before use.

When cleaning, do not use abrasive detergents and do not apply excessive pressure.

To avoid damage do not clean with wire brush or metal pads.

Use only cleaning and disinfectant solutions with a PH between 5 and 10.

Please follow the cleaning / disinfectant manufacturer€™s instructions

(e.g. intended use, dosage, time, renewal period).

Frequent but careful cleaning has little effect on the life of the ratchet.

Product life is determined by wear.

Recalibrate the wrench once a year. The wrench must be cleaned and sterilized after service.

Recommended Sterilization Method

Loosen the ratchet completely prior to sterilization

Method Fractionated pre-vacuum process (according to ISO 17665)

Temperature Heat up to 134�°C (137�°C Maximum)

Pressure 3 pre-vacuum phases with at least 60 millibar pressure

Holding Time at least 5 minutes

Drying Time at least 10 minutes

After sterilization check the packaging of the sterilized instruments for damage. Check the sterilization indicators.


Store the sterilized wrenches in a dry, dust-free, corrosive vapor-free area at a moderate temperature.